Pilot Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) application.
This small Ajax mailing-list pilot application is the first step to create complex applications.
The aim of this application is not to create a huge framework or another big set of AJAX-enabled controls, but to help the creation of complex applications.

Main objectives

  • Use the key elements of a core Ajax application, including XMLHttpRequest.
  • Use simple client-side Javascript.
  • Create page parts on the fly by the .NET C# code.
  • Formate page elements with CSS.
  • Use static positioning.
  • Use relative units of measurement (em or %).
  • Be able to change the size of fonts on your screen to make the page easier to read.
  • Save page state without cookie.
  • Be able to use forward/backward button or links within the page.
  • Use XML files to store data. (Easy installation)
  • Works both on .Net 1.1 and .Net 2.0
  • Let's be able to make speed-tests.

Application has been tested on

Internet Explorer 6.0
Opera 9.10
Netscape 8.1.2

Start application

Download source

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