ADOReport is an Interactive .Net Reporting Tool that Connects to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server,
Microsoft Access, Excel, Paradox, dBASE, Text files and any other database through OLE DB.
Main Benefits
No programming and only basic SQL knowledge is required to build a report.
Simple, user-friendly interface.
Absolutely automatic sizing and page formatting.
Free viewer.
Export reports into PDF, Excel CSV formats.
Save reports into graphic formats including tif, bmp, jpg, gif and others for presentation.
Save report with data for further review.
User can analyze and reformat reports in real-time with the
- sort,
- group,
- sum, running sum
- count, distinct count, running count
- min/max, running min/max
- format,
- filter,
- calculated columns,
- reorder,
- dill up-down,
- pivot table, chart,
- hide, visible,
- visualize functions.
Password protection. If permitted by the creator, user can run report, modify report output data.
Command-line interface.
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